Cyberborea Symbol


Digital Art | Since 2015


The Cyberborea project is dedicated to various aspects of the expansion and transformation of human reality through new technologies. The name of the project goes back to the legendary country Hyperborea, which, according to ancient authors, existed in the border (northern, 'beyond the Borean') regions of Oikoumene. The imagination of the Greeks endowed these lands with utopian and miraculous features, where people do not feel need, are not burdened by work and do not suffer from diseases. Their life is filled with art and they do not die until they themselves want it. Cyberborea is a territory of a quite probable future, where the way of life of the Hyperboreans can be embodied.


Ares - OVERWORLD - Cyberborea
Ares 59°56'25"N 30°18'57"E

Warrior - OVERWORLD - Cyberborea
Warrior 59°55'55"N 30°21'12"E

Medusa - OVERWORLD - Cyberborea
Medusa 59°55'59"N 30°18'36"E

Head - OVERWORLD - Cyberborea
Head 59°56'35"N 30°20'28"E

Minerva - OVERWORLD - Cyberborea
Minerva 59°56'34"N 30°20'28"E

Persephone - OVERWORLD - Cyberborea
Persephone 59°56'47"N 30°21'20"E

Mist - OVERWORLD - Cyberborea
Mist 59°55'40"N 30°17'40"E

Magnetism - OVERWORLD - Cyberborea
Magnetism 59°56'32"N 30°17'11"E

Demimonde - OVERWORLD - Cyberborea
Demimonde 59°55'60"N 30°17'29"E

Athena - OVERWORLD - Cyberborea
Athena 59°56'36"N 30°19'26"E

Mars - OVERWORLD - Cyberborea
Mars 59°56'56"N 30°21'50"E

Curator - OVERWORLD - Cyberborea
Curator 59°56'51"N 30°21'26"E

Messenger - OVERWORLD - Cyberborea
Messenger 59°56'59"N 30°17'59"E

Spleen - OVERWORLD - Cyberborea
Spleen 59°57'41"N 30°18'12"E

Mouse - OVERWORLD - Cyberborea
Lion 59°56'26"N 30°18'42"E

Lion - OVERWORLD - Cyberborea
Lion 59°55'43"N 30°20'15"E

Edge - OVERWORLD - Cyberborea
Edge 59°56'20"N 30°21'38"E

Hercules - OVERWORLD - Cyberborea
Hercules 59°56'28"N 30°18'46"E

Apollo - OVERWORLD - Cyberborea
Apollo 59°56'28"N 30°19'03"E

Optimism - OVERWORLD - Cyberborea
Optimism 59°56'00"N 30°17'52"E

Thunder - OVERWORLD - Cyberborea
Thunder 59°55'55"N 30°18'27"E

The computer graphics of the Overworld series is dedicated to the supernatural habitat of gods and good spirits, which is usually called the 'Upper World'. The term 'overworld' is borrowed from the world of computer games, where it generally means feature a top-down view, which refers us to the typical habitat of an architectural sculpture.

The artworks were created on the basis of the author's photos of the architectural sculpture of St. Petersburg. Antique gods, heroes, historical and legendary characters, mythical animals and even ornaments are considered in it not only as aesthetically attractive objects, but also as a local semiotic system, a memory card, a cultural code that links the personal history of the city with the fundamental meanings of European and world culture.

The important element of the work on the Overworld series was the study of the specifics of the existence of architectural sculpture at the intersection of ecological, cognitive and media spaces. The titles of the artworks use not only the names of the characters, but also geographical coordinates, by which the viewer can determine the location of the original objects.