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Digital Art | Since 2015


The Cyberborea project is dedicated to various aspects of the expansion and transformation of human reality through new technologies. The name of the project goes back to the legendary country Hyperborea, which, according to ancient authors, existed in the border (northern, 'beyond the Borean') regions of Oikoumene. The imagination of the Greeks endowed these lands with utopian and miraculous features, where people do not feel need, are not burdened by work and do not suffer from diseases. Their life is filled with art and they do not die until they themselves want it. Cyberborea is a territory of a quite probable future, where the way of life of the Hyperboreans can be embodied.


Bay - CYBORGY - Cyberborea

Coder - CYBORGY - Cyberborea

Dancer - CYBORGY - Cyberborea

Delivery - CYBORGY - Cyberborea

Loading - CYBORGY - Cyberborea

SamSon - CYBORGY - Cyberborea

Sandman - CYBORGY - Cyberborea

Slasher - CYBORGY - Cyberborea

Vaper - CYBORGY - Cyberborea

The Cyborgy gold series is the garden and park direction of the Overworld project. Launched in 2018, the series slowly and with particular pleasure stretches into the future like a golden thread. The artworks are created on the base of the author's photographs of sculptures in the Lower Gardens of Peterhof. All together they form an imaginary photo report from the mysterious party of ancient gods.