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The Cyberborea project is dedicated to various aspects of the expansion and transformation of human reality through new technologies. The name of the project goes back to the legendary country Hyperborea, which, according to ancient authors, existed in the border (northern, 'beyond the Borean') regions of Oikoumene. The imagination of the Greeks endowed these lands with utopian and miraculous features, where people do not feel need, are not burdened by work and do not suffer from diseases. Their life is filled with art and they do not die until they themselves want it. Cyberborea is a territory of a quite probable future, where the way of life of the Hyperboreans can be embodied.


Data Center - CLOUDS - Cyberborea
Data Center

Impression Storage - CLOUDS - Cyberborea
Impression Storage

Defragmentation Base - CLOUDS - Cyberborea
Defragmentation Base

Oneirobot - CLOUDS - Cyberborea

Gateway of Pleasure - CLOUDS - Cyberborea
Gateway of Pleasure

Emoji Archive - CLOUDS - Cyberborea
Emoji Archive

Last Update - CLOUDS - Cyberborea
Last Update

Firewall of Affects - CLOUDS - Cyberborea
Firewall of Affects

Tester - CLOUDS - Cyberborea

Secret Domain - CLOUDS - Cyberborea
Secret Domain

The Clouds series is dedicated to one of the most expressive natural phenomena of 'visual noise' — a cloud, as well as its doppelganger from the area of new computer technologies.

The unhurried visual plasticity, so characteristic of cloud masses, has long attracted the poetic side of our attention and invites our imagination to take part in the joint staging of bizarre forms. Playing with images, familiar to us from early childhood, in some cases can become a way of life. Distracted peering into extensive volumes of information is an activity of fantasy, reminiscent of magical action, philosophical meditation, oneiric numbness, drug trance and computer freezing at the same time. Fishing, processing and preparation of data by an algorithm with its filigree accuracy serves the eternal feast of the cybernetic body.

The artworks created on the basis of photographs of real objects are visual metaphors for a saturated and fragile databases condensed from microparticles of collective memory. The continuous dynamics of the cloud form rhymes with the dynamic flow of data. The artificial ornamentation of cloud glitches indicates the presence of a subject of perception with memory and imagination, but no longer certifies its purely human composition.

Question: What would a cloud look like if the memory required for the recognition game is its own element?